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As important as the Beetle? Two days with Volkswagen’s electric ID.4 | Ars Technica

VW underwent a corporate transformation, throwing all its chips into electrification

2021/02/28 12:04 · 0 Comments

Ford Makes $29 Billion Commitment to EVs and Self-Driving Cars

Ford announced during its fourth-quarter earnings report that it will invest $22 billion in electric vehicles and $7 billion in autonomous vehicles through 2025

2021/02/07 17:39 · 0 Comments

GM Accelerates Electrification Timeline, Plans 30 EVs by 2025

30 EVs on the market by 2025. That brings GM’s total EV and autonomous tech investment through 2025 to $27 billion as the automaker moves toward a full-electric lineup

2021/02/07 17:39 · 0 Comments

CAKE - Swedish designed electric motorbike

Noise and fume-free bikes that consider the environment, wildlife and fellow individuals that share the backcountry, opens up for more sustainable, respectful and active discovery

2021/01/31 01:30 · 0 Comments

Smart spaces will fine petrol and diesel car owners illegally parking in electric bays | News | The Times

Petrol and diesel car owners could be fined for parking in electric vehicle charging bays under an automated system designed to stop “bay blocking”.

2021/01/03 09:41 · 0 Comments

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