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Macao Gov’t advances with grant scheme incentivising replacing fossil fuel motorcyles for e-bikes

will provide a MOP3,500 (US5) grant to owners of traditional fossil fuel motorcycles who decide to replace them with new electric motorcycles

2022/02/15 09:58 · 0 Comments

Tesla Removes Cybertruck Specs from Website, Still Taking Deposits - Car and Driver

if Tesla is simply updating the specs as it reconfigures what, exactly, it will offer when the truck actually goes on sale in the future or if the continued delays and this spec disappearance hint at larger changes coming between what was promised and what will be delivered

2021/12/17 10:00 · 0 Comments

Schlörwagen: The bizarre German car that was super-aerodynamic but very impractical, 1939 - Rare Historical Photos

its aerodynamic shape and because of the rear engine far back center of gravity affected the driving safety of the Schlörwagens and made them very vulnerable to crosswinds.

2021/11/24 14:59 · 0 Comments

Tesla made 1.6 billion in Q3, is switching to LFP batteries globally

Tesla is switching battery chemistry for all standard-range Models 3 and Y. Until now, most Teslas have used batteries with a nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA) chemistry. But recently it started offering an alternative using an older technology that uses a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. (Most other BEVs use a nickel manganese cobalt chemistry.)

2021/10/21 21:40 · 0 Comments

Recycled Lithium Batteries as Good as Newly Mined

getting carmakers to use recycled materials remains a hard sell. “In general, people's impression is that recycled material is not as good as virgin material,” says Yan Wang, a professor of mechanical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. “Battery companies still hesitate to use recycled material in their batteries.”

A new study by Wang and a team including researchers from the US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), and battery company A123 Systems, shows that battery and carmakers needn't worry. The results, published in the journal Joule, shows that batteries with recycled cathodes can be as good as, or even better than those using new state-of-the-art materials.

2021/10/20 09:18 · 0 Comments

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