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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept aims to leapfrog Tesla as it pours resources into EVs

The company promises a driving range of over 600 miles to a charge, while keeping the battery pack sized like it's for a compact car. At the same time, engineers are working to reduce power consumption from the battery to bring kilowatt hours used per 62 miles down to single digits. An enormous range and great efficiency would be a tremendous package

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一片解答點解電動車難普及!咪就因為無 XXX 咯!(開啟CC中字幕)|拍車男

香港政府在 3 月 17 日公布了《香港電動車普及化路線圖》,指出希望能夠在 2050 年前達致車輛零排放的未來路向。《路線圖》內多項措施,包括備受談論的在 2035 年或以前,停止新登記燃油私家車和混能車。但是對於很多車主而言充電站才是最大問題。

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Giving EV batteries a second life for sustainability and profit | TechCrunch

battery second-life will become its own self-standing business field

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Legislators ask for more ambitious Gov't efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to electric vehicles

legislator connected to the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (MFTU) noted that when he requested that more measures to support the development of electric vehicles were taken by authorities, the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) only stated that there are currently 200 charging stations for electric vehicles a number said to be sufficient to meet local needs.

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Waypoint - The official Waymo blog: Replaying real life: how the Waymo Driver avoids fatal human crashes

Simulated Waymo Driver completely avoided or mitigated 100% of crashes aside from the crashes in which it was struck from behind, including every instance that involved a pedestrian or cyclist (20 simulations in total). This is the first time an autonomous technology company has shared its evaluation for how the system might perform in real-world fatal crash scenarios

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