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NETA V智能電動車登陸本澳


2022/08/30 09:01 · 0 Comments

Mercedes-Benz Says Self-Driving Option Ready to Roll

Mercedes-Benz Cars says it plans to release “Drive Pilot,” a conditionally automated Level 3 system for automated driving in Germany for S-Class and EQS, for sale May 17, making Mercedes the first car manufacturer in the world with self-driving system with internationally valid certification

2022/05/07 07:12 · 0 Comments

Needed to drive smart mobility solutions in the SAR

As of November, 2021 there were 2,241 electric vehicles and 4,536 hybrid energy vehicles, including cars and motorcycles registered in the Macau SAR, while there are currently only 200 electric public charging stations, only two of which are for motorbikes.

2022/05/03 09:13 · 0 Comments

Better battery chemistry

Stabilization of gamma sulfur enables 4000 cycle Li-S batteries

2022/04/18 07:28 · 0 Comments

Tesla Factory Flythur

What happens when you have a drone and you want to fly thur the Tesla factory

2022/04/09 07:01 · 0 Comments

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